More changes in The Divergent camp

After long hesitation, our vocalist Roni Leskinen has decided to part his ways with us. He was a vital part of your first EP and a good bandmate.

Gladly our search for a new vocalist didn’t take excessive amounts of time and joining our journey with The Divergent will be Joonas Kataja. His growls and clean vocals will be significantly needed on the upcoming releases.

Hey you metalheads!

The Divergent has made a debut release 4.5.2019, which includes 5-song EP and a music video from the song Neuroplasticity. The songs are progressive, djentish, groovy, melodic and punchy metal. Lyrics stem from the absurdity of the modern era – an indolence of humankind to react to chaos it has brought upon itself and on the environment – and the personal struggle and conflict of what being part of it creates.

We sincerely hope that you enjoy our music! If you do, come and join us with the journey! Every like, share and follow will be greatly appreciated, see you on the road!