Eetu Mellin/Drums (2018-2020), Petri Moilanen/Bass, Roni Leskinen/Vocals (2018-2021), Markus Pulkkinen/Guitar, Harri Moilanen/Guitar

Story of the band began around 2015 when me and Markus joined their forces together and started to think about forming an unique metal band. I had already written some of the material so all we needed was some capable musicians to join with us. Soon we found a singer and a bassist and started practicing together. Later we discovered a drummer and the band was ready. During this time I had a lot of motivation to finish our songs and also the joining musicians contributed with songs of their own.

Albeit of a promising start, we disbanded due to several reasons or for no reasons at all.

After about two years I thought that I must do something about these songs. I contacted Markus again and we started searching new musicians for this project. I asked my brother Petri to play bass and he almost immediately accepted. Then I started scrolling through Finnish forum for musicians. I also wrote to the wanted section, looking for a singer and a drummer. I don’t exactly recall did Roni and Eetu contact me or did I contact them but both were a perfect match for the band and luckily they joined without a lot of hesitation.

So around 2018, The Divergent was formed.

Our first goal was to finish all the 5 songs. So Roni started working on lyrics and vocal arrangements. Lyrics turned out to be great and they revolved around themes like self improvement and self awareness. Since I had wrote the drums pretty much copy/pasting the sections. I left them in the hands of Eetu who added more variety to them plus well needed fills. Petri contributed on some of the bass arrangements adding a bit of groove and fills aswell.

After all the songs made sense they were ready to be recorded. Eetu had a friend called Markus Suomela of M/S Audio Productions who we contacted and he was more than willing to do the recordings. Drums were recorded in his studio between two days. Guitar and bass tracks were recorded at home and sent to Markus for reamping. Roni recorded vocals at our training place and then sent them to the studio for mixing. Whole recording process took maybe 2-3 months before final mixing/mastering which took about 3-4 weeks.

After recordings we decided to shoot a music video. We decided to contact Pete Welling of Welling creations because he seemed to have previous experince of working with finnish bands like Kotiteollisuus. The video was shot in an old sausage factory which was waiting for demolition. It took place at the end of march and we were very happy with the end result.

The future looks promising for The Divergent.

All the best,
Harri Moilanen / Guitarist