Petri Moilanen – Bass, Jani-Petteri Polo – Drums, Joonas Kataja – Vocals, Harri Moilanen – Guitar, Markus Pulkkinen – Guitar

The Divergent is like a black hole, sucking up all the chaos around us, sensing the feelings of what it is to be a human in the middle of this era of war, corruption, vanity and ignorance; The Divergent transforms the chaos to an art, creating epic mix of Progressive Metalcore, Melodic deathmetal and Djent – Also without forgetting that there is always hope for all of us and mankind!

Story of The Divergent began around 2015 when Harri and Markus joined forces together and started to think about forming an unique metal band that would combine all the best elements of our favourite metal styles: Metalcore, Djent, Progressive metal and Melodic death metal. Harri had already written some of the material so all we needed was some capable musicians to join with us. Soon we found a singer and a bassist and started practicing together, Later we discovered a drummer and the band was ready. During this the band was called Dreams of Rust. The band had a lot of talent, but albeit of a promising start, we disbanded due to several reasons or for no reasons at all.

After about two years Harri thought that he must do something about these songs, there was just too much potential for the songs to not ever be released properly. Harri contacted Markus again and we started searching new musicians for this project. He asked his brother Petri to play bass and he almost immediately accepted. Soon after that, Roni and Eetu joined the band and thus lineup was ready.

So around 2018, The Divergent was formed.

With that lineup, we released EP consisting of 5 songs. EP and especially the video of the song Neuroplasticity got really positive attention, video has been watched almost 60 000 times in youtube and it had really nice feedback from fans of metalcore and melodic deathmetal.

After EP release, there was some changes in lineup, when Roni and Eetu left the band and Joonas Kataja joined as vocalist and Jani-Petteri Polo as a drummer. With the new lineup, we have released our newest single Stygian, and are soon releasing other single: Resurgence (to be released 23.12).

At the moment we are working hard on songs for Debut album release in spring of 2023. Album will consist of 8 songs. The songs are almost ready. The album will be really epic and diverse, consisting of progressive metalcore elements with brutal breakdowns and melodic death metal style riffs and vocals. Lyrics and themes will be revolving around different themes from personal struggle to rise of authoritarianism and extremism, mixing history, psychology and mytology to form interesting analogies and poetic structures. There will also be another cool music video to be released with the album, also there might be some surprise bonus singles to be released during the year 2023.